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Business Management Training Program in Huruma (Micro & Small businesses)

This is an ongoing training in Huruma slums, Nairobi. The training is aimed at helping small  scale entrepreneurs in the informal settlement to improve their business productivity through better management.

It began in 2018, and so far, there has been 6 cohorts of participants. More than 100 participants have already benefited from the training.

The training is all inclusive, hence it is intended for small business owners regardless of gender, age level of education, and religion.

The model of the training program involves identification of participants, business skills training, financial promotion,
mentorship and post training monitoring and evaluation.

In 2022, a cohort of around 60 participants joined the training between the months of September and December. This cohort was divided into three groups that attended the training between 9 am and 4 pm every Saturday for 12 weeks.

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