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Palorinya bootcamp-border of Uganda and South Sudan in Moyo district

This was an intervention of the CASE in the lives of about 100
young people in Palorinya settlement in Northern Uganda in June 2022. The settlement is located at the border of Uganda and South Sudan in Moyo district, a large refugee settlement scheme managed by UNHCR, the government of Uganda, along with a host of other UN and relief agencies.

The Comboni fraternity in Palorinya sought the services of CASE to support the younger generation on seeking solutions to local problems as they sought to rebuild their lives post the conflicts in South Sudan and finding identity in the host community in Palorinya.

It was a five-day training that involved daily reflections and evaluation, and after day 4, the solutions identified were ranked and the three most innovative and practical proposals were identified and earmarked for support in implementation.

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