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East Africa Social Business Forum


The East Africa Social Business Forum on Youth Entrepreneurship 2023, organised by Yunus centre, YY ventures and Friends of Social Business in partnership with Tangaza University College, Yunus Social Business, Yunus Environmental Hub – East Africa and The YY Foundation was held on May 8, 2023, at Tangaza University College in Nairobi, Kenya.

The forum aimed to support and inspire East African youth by bringing together social business ecosystem builders, government representatives, NGOs and the private sector to increase awareness and understanding of social business and its impact on the society. The event provided opportunities for networking, partnership building and funding opportunities. The forum featured keynote speeches, panel discussions, forums and breakout sessions covering various topics related to youth entrepreneurship and social business.

The key takeaways

Opening plenary

First, the significance of social entrepreneurship and startups in the institution’s mission was emphasised, with an emphasis on the need to empower young people in Africa to address societal challenges. Tangaza University College’s role in capacity building for social entrepreneurs and its commitment to creating an ecosystem that supports youth entrepreneurship was recognized.

Collaboration, partnerships and shared visions were identified as crucial elements in driving social entrepreneurship and achieving sustainable development. 

The importance of education and academic institutions in unlocking the potential of young people for social transformation and addressing unemployment challenges was underscored. The speakers encouraged participants to envision a society where every university graduate brings innovative social business solutions to societal problems, highlighting the importance of actively being part of the solution. 

Entrepreneurship is not limited to a select few, but all individuals potentially possess the ability to become entrepreneurs. Despite the challenges and problems faced, individuals have the power to change their reality and create a positive narrative for Africa.

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