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Who We Are

Comboni Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship Comboni Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) is a faith based social enterprise that was established in 2018 to respond to African social challenges and create a new model of sustainability for the church and Africa.

CASE was founded to respond to various social challenges especially amongst the most disadvantaged groups in the society.

CASE develops capacity for social innovation and promotion of social entrepreneurship. The idea of CASE is inspired by Daniel Comboni’s vision of the regeneration of Africa as a path to social transformation of the continent.

CASE is registered as a Trust in Kenya and belongs to the Comboni Missionaries working in 16 African countries. Hence CASE is the umbrella body that coordinates promotion of social enterprises in 16 African countries. CASE activities focus on the socioeconomic gaps in the society and seeks to find innovative approaches to address them by developing the capacity of people.


The social entrepreneurship is a growing concept in Africa and is gaining momentum. It is growing to become an alternative to the traditional work of development that has not yielded the expected results. The social entrepreneurship emphasis on the triple bottom line – social impact, financial sustainability, and environmental sustainability makes it relevant to Africa.

The failure of the development approach in Africa calls for new ways of addressing the social challenges of the continent. Africa needs sustainable social enterprises that tackle social problems and create a lasting positive impact. To scale the social enterprises in Africa, it requires the creation of a new culture of social entrepreneurship.

Background of CASE

The Comboni Missionaries adopt social entrepreneurship as one way of doing mission today. CASE is a network of social entrepreneurship promotion in Comboni provinces in Africa. Through CASE the congregation of Comboni missionaries engages in responding to the social challenges of Africa in different provinces. Hence CASE is the umbrella body that coordinates the engagement of the ministry of Comboni missionaries in promoting social enterprises. The Comboni Missionaries in collaboration with the Institute of Social Transformation will implement the model of CASE which has 4 main pillars:

  1. Training – This component targets the selected youth in Comboni apostolatesand the local communities. They are mobilised for structured training instarting running and managing their social enterprises and are coached andsupported to build their enterprises as form of self-employment

  2. Social enterprises – CASE specifically supports start-ups in strengtheningand expansion of existing enterprises and focus on innovation of new initiativesto solve social problems

  3. Hub – CASE fosters regional hubs (virtually and physical) that serve asworking spaces, talent development, sharing and peer support centres. Thisprovides connection centres for youth training in social entrepreneurship andcontinuous development of new content contextualised to different realities.The hubs coordinate research on the impact of the programmes to develop casesof trainers in social entrepreneurship. The hubs are anchored in the Institute ofsocial transformation, so as to save in the human resources and tap into theexisting structure and resources and use of the existing trainers andcompetencies.

  4. Professional services – Eventually and with time, CASE will offer coachingand mentorship for social entrepreneurs outside the Comboni networks. Thiswill be services in offer form a centre of excellence.


To empower people through social innovation and entrepreneurship training. Thus enabling them to tap into their resources to create social businesses that impact positively on the society and improve the well- being of every individual leading to better and more sustainable communities.


Transformed and more sustainable communities


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