Our Impact

Expected Impacts

CASE endeavors to create positive social impact in the work of Comboni missionaries in Africa. Further, it is expected to contribute to creating new dynamism in the missionary work. CASE enhances the social dimension of the missionaries’ presence in the continent.

It gives the Comboni missionaries the opportunity to impact the communities where they work through the creation of social ventures. CASE also gives the Comboni missionaries the voice and influence in the areas of social entrepreneurship and transformation giving them a unique position of influence in this sector.

Faith and spirituality are essential dimensions of social entrepreneurship. Hence CASE will help Christians embrace the spirituality of working for social transformation. It is a concrete way of sharing the values of the gospel.


By providing business opportunities to people in Africa, CASE contributes to preventing them from taking the perilous adventure to seek better opportunities abroad. The creation of social businesses will help people remain in the continent; supporting them to contribute to the development of Africa.

Through capacity building, CASE will create more agents of social transformation in the society resulting into improved well-being of individuals, better and more sustainable communities.

Every year the experience and research on social entrepreneurship by CASE will be showcased in Nairobi during the Annual Africa Conference on Social Entrepreneurship (AACOSE) that is organised in Tangaza University College. This will contribute to the creation and dissemination of knowledge on social entrepreneurship.