Comboni Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship (CASE)

Comboni Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) is a faith based social enterprise that was established in 2018 to respond to African social challenges and create a new model of sustainability for the church and Africa. CASE was founded to respond to

various social challenges especially amongst the most disadvantaged groups in the society.

CASE develops capacity for social innovation and promotion of social entrepreneurship. The idea of CASE is inspired by Daniel Comboni’s vision of the regeneration of Africa as a path to social transformation of the continent.

CASE is registered as a Trust in Kenya and belongs to the Comboni Missionaries working in 16 African countries. Hence CASE is the umbrella body that coordinates promotion of social enterprises in 16 African countries. CASE activities focus on the socioeconomic gaps in the society and seeks to find innovative approaches to address them by developing the capacity of people.

Our Rationale

The social entrepreneurship is a growing concept in Africa and is gaining momentum. It is growing to become an alternative to the traditional work of development that has not yielded the expected results. The social entrepreneurship emphasis on the triple bottom line – social impact, financial sustainability, and environmental sustainability makes it relevant to Africa.

The failure of the development approach in Africa calls for new ways of addressing the social challenges of the continent. Africa needs sustainable social enterprises that tackle social problems and create a lasting positive impact. To scale the social enterprises in Africa, it requires the creation of a new culture of social entrepreneurship.

Daniel Comboni

Social entrepreneurship is well aligned with the social mission of the church. Therefore, promoting the growth of social entrepreneurship in Africa is an essential mission of the church and part of the work of evangelisation today.

Daniel Comboni envisaged a continent where lay Christians take the lead in business that was in the hands of Arabs. In his plan for the regeneration of Africa, Comboni put a particular emphasis on the development of human capital through the training of different agents of change. The vision of Comboni is a legacy for the work of the Comboni missionaries today.

The experience of the Institute of Social Transformation over the last 8 years in training social entrepreneurs is a unique opportunity for the Comboni missionaries to become a key player in the space of the social entrepreneurship in Africa.

The regeneration of Africa depends essentially on preparing people with skills and competences to address the challenges of the continent. Hence, investment in human capital is essential for the realisation of the regeneration of the continent.

Our Goal

Capacity building:

This entails inclusive training on social entrepreneurship. The training is aimed at developing knowledge, skills and attitude that empowers the trainees to identify problems in their communities and develop innovative solutions to the problems…

Social transformation:

Social transformation through social innovations is at the core of all CASE activities. Capacity building, growing of grass-root innovations and provision of seed capital are the unique drivers for advancing social transformation.

Growth of grassroots innovations:

CASE assists individuals and groups in identifying the potential to find innovative solutions to their problems and supports them in expanding these innovations into sustainable social businesses.

Seed capital:

CASE mobilizes resources from financial partners to assist the trainees in implementing their innovative ideas.

Latest trainings and Positive Impacts

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